4 de febrer de 2011


Hola a tothom,

He pintat aquests insurgents de Caesar per al projecte d’Ambush Alley.

La pàgina oficial del joc és aquesta. I podeu trobar les regles per començar a jugar aquí (en anglès).

Hola a todos,
He pintado estos insurgentes de Caesar para el proyecto de Ambush Alley.
La página oficial del juego es ésta. Y podéis encontrar las reglas para empezar a jugar aquí 
(en inglés).

Hi everyone,
I have painted these Caesar insurgents for the Ambush Alley project.
This is the official page of the game
. You can find the quick start rules here (in English).

9 comentaris:

  1. Thank you.

    And congratulations! You have won the "fastest comment" tournament ;)

  2. Do I get a prize for spotting the Orion one ;-D
    They are very well painted..I like the "dirty" look of them.

  3. Very nice work, I'm not fond of plastic but your soldiers seem lead painted.

  4. Very nice looking Fedains! Great job!

  5. Great!! Very nice work!!

    You are making extra work writting in three languages. Thanks.


  6. I used to know a Lebanese insurgent from the M side who enthused in English about the Ar-Bay-Zhay, using sort of French alphabet pronunciation of English acronym for Russian rocket-propelled grenade launcher RPG. So that was also three languages, besides Arabic, and his enthusiasm for it transcended language, because he liked what it could do.