23 de juny de 2011

Més alemanys de la Segona Guerra Mundial

Hola a tothom,

Més soldats alemanys d’ESCI per jugar a “Rules of Engagement”.

Hola a todos,
Más soldados alemanes de ESCI para jugar a “Rules of Engagement”.

Hi everyone,
More ESCI german soldiers
that I had at home for "Rules of Engagement".

3 comentaris:

  1. You've painted these old Esci German figures very nice!


  2. On July 3 I have painted some too in 1/72, these are marked Imex and are hard plastic. I will have to see about the rules that you mentioned.

  3. Thank you Peter.

    Mekelnborg, you can also try this set of rules: Battleground. I played it last saturday and I think they are quite good. You can find it here: