29 de setembre de 2011

Més estàtues

Hola a tothom,

Una altra estàtua feta amb una miniatura vella.

Hola a todos,
Otra estatua hecha con una miniatura vieja.

Hi everyone,
Another statue made with an old miniature.

7 comentaris:

  1. That's really good work and a cool old miniature.

  2. Very beautiful! I don't recognize the miniature! Where found you that lady?

  3. I was also thinking of a woman, like Joan of Arc, but not sure without pulling off the armor. Always cautious in that situation.

    That is very good antiquing work.

  4. Thank you guys.

    Yori, I think it's an old Mithrill miniature.


  5. It is Eowyn, from the Mithrill range. Sorry, but not a good end for such a miniature. Out of production, and looked for by fans.

  6. I like it! But if someone wants to pay you a stack of cash for an OOP Mini - take it and run

    And I agree, your antiquing work is great!

  7. Hello Emilio and Paul,

    I’m surprised to read this. I bought this figure years ago for 100 pesetas (0,60 €); I never thought it was so appreciated.

    But, if anyone is interested, we can talk about it. It should not be difficult to remove that ugly paint ;)