19 de setembre de 2012

Casa de tova

Hola a tothom.

Aquesta és la meva primera casa de tova feta amb una caixa de cafè, cinta adhesiva i pintura texturitzada.

Hola a todos,
Ésta es mi primera casa de adobe hecha con una caja de café, cinta adhesiva y pintura texturizada.

Hi everyone, 
This is my first adobe house made with a coffee box, tape and textured paint..

La casa es pot plegar per a que sigui fàcils guardar-la.

La casa es plegable para que sea fácil guardarla.

It is a folding house, so it's easy to store.

11 comentaris:

  1. That's bloody good and folds away as well!

  2. Lo tonteria que sembla i lo collonut que queda!

  3. Thank you all for the very encouraging comments guys.

    M'alegra que t'agradi Sr. Dies

  4. ¡Hola!

    ¿Com es que no has pintat directament sobre el cartro de la caixa? ¿Quina pintura texturitzada has fet servir?


    1. Hola Néstor,

      Vaig utilitzar pintura texturitzada en spray (és una mica car, però tenia un pot per casa). No ho vaig pintar sobre el cartró perquè crec que la textura li dóna algo més de caràcter i, la veritable raó, dissimula una mica la cinta que vaig posar per reforçar les cantonades i enganxar portes i finestres.

      Un dia d'aquests penjaré un tutorial de com ho vaig fer.



  5. I'm impressed! Looks great and easy to store too

  6. That came out really good. I have a few textured acrylic craft paints of different kinds, but they are drying up in the bottle before I think of some way to use them. That is where ideas like this help, so the empty part of our heads starts to fill up with more ideas.

    I just made a post where I was trying to explain Catalonia to my friend just before he went there on vacation, these past couple of weeks; he was in Barcelona. But all I know I picked up here and a couple places, so maybe it was the blind leading the blind.

    I would appreciate any Catalan experts reading this who could jump on that Oct 1 post to correct our misconceptions, because that would add greatly to the value of my post, and also lead people from there to come back to those Cat experts too, from there.

    There are nice pictures there, of some good-looking women. Thanks to anyone who can help with this. I will probably show that guy this page, so he can see the language, too.

  7. Excellent work on the box...you'll have a whole town in no time...nice job, very impressive